• VPHi Travel Award for the VPH Conference 2024

    The VPHi Institute will give Travel Vouchers to student members that are applying to participate at the VPH2024 Conference in Stuttgart
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  • Foundations for Digital Twins as Catalyzers of Biomedical Technological Innovation

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) published a call for funding (n: 24-561) dedicated to Digital Twins.
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  • Event at the European Parliament on in silico medicine and in silico oncology

    On 21 February 2024 a European Parliament (EP) info event on in silico medicine and in silico oncology took place in the Altiero Spinelli building in Brussels.
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  • Digital Twins at the European Respiratory Societyā€™s Lung Science Conference 2024

    Every year, the ERS organizes its Lung Science conference in the beautiful Estorill (PT), including in the program one keynote on an emerging topic that is deemed important for the community. This year, that topic was Digital Twins.
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  • Innovative computer model of the lung enables detailed simulation of radiation effects

    An innovative computer model of a human lung is helping scientists simulate, for the first time, how a burst of radiation interacts with the organ on a cell-by-cell level.
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  • New Guidelines on the Responsible Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence

    In collaboration with European Research Area countries and stakeholders, the European Commission, has proposed a set of guidelines aimed at supporting the European research community in the responsible utilisation of generative artificial intelligence (AI).
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