• Webinar initiative Biomeca2023 promotion of CM&S for medical devices

    On 13 June 20233, the Avicenna Alliance, together with its partner NAFEMS and MICADO, co-hosted the first meeting of the “Etats Généraux du in silico» to assess the situation of in silico adoption in France.
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  • The first draft of the Virtual Human Twin (VHT) Roadmap is open for public consultation

    Are you interested in the new frontier of health technology and in broadening your knowledge on the Virtual Human Twin (VHT) state-of-the-art? Look no further. The preliminary version of the VHT Roadmap is now available for public consultation!
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  • FDA releases two papers to spur conversation about AI and Machine Learning in Drug Development and Manufacturing

    These papers aim to boost a discussion with interested parties in the medical products development community on using AI/ML in drug and biologic development, and the development of medical devices to use with these treatments.
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  • Collaborate with the key experts in the field to bring in silico medicine to the next level!

    The number of working groups and related task forces that we run in collaboration with the Avicenna Alliance is growing every day! All VPHi members can contribute to these important activities. Check them out!
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  • IHI announces new calls (4&5) for funding

    The Innovative Health Initiative has just published the draft topics for the next calls for proposal, calls 4 and 5.
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  • Judgment of the General Court on the distinction between pseudonymised and anonymised data

    On 26 April 2023, the General Court of the European Union (EGC) issued its judgment in case T-557/20 (judgment of 26 April 2023, SRB v EDPS, T-557/20, EU:T:2023:219) and at the same time made a statement about the distinction between pseudonymised data and anonymous data.
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