• Special Issue on Biological Control Systems and Disease Modelling

    For those interested in contributing to the special issue, the submission deadline is 25 December 2019.
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  • An interesting paper on In Silico Oncology has recently been published in the Scientific Reports of Nature Publishing Group

    Quantifiably differentiating clinical tumours with distinct regression profiles brings the new domain a step closer to its clinical translation
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  • Collaboration agreement between VPHi and the European Society of Biomechanis

    After a long date interaction, the two organisations have recently signed an agreement to put the basis for an even stronger collaboration.
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  • Petition on the role of In Silico Trials

    Almost 400 researchers signed the petition to promote the adoption of In Silico Trials through EMA’s strategy on Regulatory Science to 2025.
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  • Peter Coveney has been elected to membership of the Academia Europaea

    Based on his outstanding achievements as a scientist, the coordinator of the running CompBioMed project, Prof Peter Coveney has been invited to join the Academia Europaea
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  • A new book on Multiscale Mechanobiology in Tissue Engineering

    This book recently published by Springer focuses on the mechanobiological principles in tissue engineering with a particular emphasis on the multiscale aspects of the translation of mechanical forces from bioreactors down to the cellular level.
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