• The Finnish Presidency publishes its work program

    Finland's Presidency of the Council of the EU published its program for the next six months (1 July to 31 December 2019).
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  • Marilisa Cortesi from University of Bologna wins the 2019 Best VPHi Best Poster Award 

    Marilisa Cortesi wins the competition with her work titled “An in-silico study of cancer cell survival and spatial distribution within a 3D microenvironment”. A special Jury Recognition was also assigned to Laura Baumgartner (UPF).
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  • Three open positions in Amsterdam relevant for the VPH community

    University of Amsterdam has made available 3 job posts related to in silico medicine research.
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  • Public consultation on EMA Regulatory Science

    The European Medicine Agency has opened an online consultation on their proposed strategic vision on Regulatory Science to 2025.
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  • Promote adoption of In Silico Trials through EMA’s strategy on Regulatory Science to 2025

    Sign our on line petition. More signature we collect, more changes we will have to make the difference!
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  • Special session on Virtual Physiological Human Research at the BioMedEng conference

    The UK Chapter of the VPH Institute has organised a special session on in silico medicine at the BioMedEng conference that will be held in London on 5-6th September 2019.
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