• The VPHi at the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF)

    VPHi will present and moderate a talk titled "The future of healthcare is digital" at the EuroScience conference offering a platform for interdisciplinary and intersectional debate about scientific culture, research and innovation.
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  • The first International Symposium on Digital Twins in Healthcare

    On 15-16 April 2024, the first International Symposium on Digital Twins in Healthcare took place in Cyprus, co-organised by 3 EIC projects, DIGIPREDICT, OPTOMICS, NEUROTWIN, as well as the EDITH-CSA.
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  • VPHi at RAPS Euro Convergence

    On 6-8 May 2024, the VPHi team participated to the European regulatory congress – RAPS Euro Convergence, where policy, regulatory and industrial stakeholders joined hands to share ideas, knowledge and collaborate to advance healthcare regulatory practice.
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  • 12 Guiding Principles for Ethical and Legal Conduct in In Silico Trials

    This "Implementation Guidance and Guidelines" document, part of the In Silico World project's "Ethical and Legal Framework," offers twelve key recommendations on the ethical and legal aspects of in silico trials.
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  • How computational models helped saving a clinical trial during the COVID pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted clinical studies globally, including those assessing Ritlecitinib's safety in hepatic and renal impairments. Hindered by recruitment challenges, scientists innovatively employed a computer model to create virtual populations based on previous studies, facilitating the continuation of the clinical trial, even during the pandemic
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  • Opportunity to join the European Cancer Imaging Initiative

    The EUCAIM project funded under the Digital Europe Programme has launched its open call for new beneficiaries to join the project deploying the Cancer Image Europe platform.
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