• Understanding AI webinar series

    Building on their rich work in digital health, EPF began engaging at different levels on Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, from policy to capacity building in 2020.
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  • EDITH partners meet in Leuven, Belgium, to define the vision of the project

    The first high-level partner meeting of the EDITH-CSA (European Virtual Human Twin in Healthcare - Coordination and Support Action) Consortium took place in Leuven, Belgium on 29-30 November 2022.
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  • Le Monde publishes an article on in silico medicine

    On 29 November 2022, an article was released presenting in laymen terms what in silico medicine is and what its possible applications are.
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  • PhD and postdoc opportunities - November 2022

    A number of research positions in the field of in silico medicine opened in the last month, find a list in this page.
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  • REMEDI4ALL: an EU-funded research initiative to promote the repurposing of medicines in Europe

    The platform has the potential to bring down times and costs of drug development by focusing on already approved, discontinued, shelved or investigational therapeutics.
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  • Successes and Opportunities in Modeling & Simulation at FDA

    In November 2022, the Modeling & Simulation Working Group of the FDA released a report of great importance for the in silico medicine community!
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