• MDIC seeks input on 5-year Computational Modeling & Simulation roadmap

    If you would like to provide input on the revised CM&S strategic roadmap, please fill out the new survey.
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  • InSilic workshop recording

    On March 5th 2021, the InSilc project hosted a workshop on In Silico Clinical Trials Concepts and Adoption. A full recording of the event is now available.
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  • VPHI participates in the SimCardioTest Project

    VPHI participates in the SimCardioTest project, whose main objective is to demonstrate the feasibility, efficacy and benefits of in silico trials of drugs and cardiological devices. It's a project with a significant impact on clinical trials, regulatory systems and healthcare innovation.
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  • In silico tool for predicting resilience in women diagnosed with breast cancer

    The BOUNCE project presents its latest deliverable showcasing the use of in silico modeling in personalized cancer treatments
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  • C4BIO video

    The aim of C4BIO is to achieve community consensus on the testing protocols for material characterization of biological tissue and to disseminate this consensus to the relevant standards bodies
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  • Update: Work Programme 2021 of the European Research Council (ERC)

    The ERC provides EU funding to support researchers pursue ground-breaking, high-gain/high-risk research to drive advancements at the frontiers of knowledge and to set targets for frontier research across Europe. The ERC Work Programme for 2021, is a legal document setting out how the ECR will allocate its funding for this year. It includes three main calls for proposals for frontier research actions for a total amount of €1.9 billion.
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