• Virtual You: Fighting the Next Pandemic With Digital Twins

    The emerging technology of digital twins is explored in 'Virtual You: How Building Your Digital Twin Will Revolutionize Medicine and Change Your Life', the third book by Science Museum Science Director Roger Highfield and Professor Peter Coveney of University College London. In this panel discussion, the authors were joined by experts working at the frontiers of this new science.
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  • Two open rank Professor Positions in Technology and Research Related to Next Generation Biomedical Digital Twins

    Application deadline ASAP
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  • 3D heart modelling research offers non-invasive diagnosis and treatment options for aortic stenosis

    The 3D printing of intricate anatomical structures has become increasingly sophisticated in line with advances in imaging technology, with the use of printed phantoms facilitating the more detailed manipulation of a simulated valve’s anatomy and control of blood flow behaviour.
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  • Survey: the future of simulation

    Where is engineering simulation heading? Is it being adopted as much as it should be? If not, what’s the hold-up? Are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning having an impact on the R&D process?
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  • The potential of in silico approaches to streamline drug development

    This position paper highlights the potential of in silico medicine, using computational modelling and simulation to aid drug discovery, development, and delivery. It calls for adaptation of in silico technology to be a standard practice to complement in vivo and in vitro approaches in healthcare through a collaborative ecosystem of stakeholders.
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  • In the literature: April 2023 highlights

    Click here to read some interesting recently published papers from our community. If you have published an article in the field of in silico medicine, send it to us: we will include it in this section of the newsletter!
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