• Webinars on Personalised in silico Cardiology (PIC)

    The EU PIC Consortium has released 10 webinars on a number of cardiac modeling related topics, spanning from biomedical signals and imaging to medical devices and therapies.
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  • VPHi Executive Director Prof Lies Geris speaks at the "Strategies for Innovation in Life Sciences" event

    On 3 December 2019, Prof Lies Geris contributed to the roundtable hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels aimed at defining concrete steps for a transition to animal-free science.
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  • Vacancies in University of Amsterdam

    Few interesting job positions in in silico medicine are available at University of Amsterdam
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  • Vacancy for a PhD fellowship in UPF

    Closing date 4 February 2020
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  • Vacancy for a Research Associate in Clinical Computational Cardiovascular Science - King's College London

    Closing date: asap
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  • Vacancy for a Chair in Computational Biomechanics - University of Sheffield

    Closing date 7 Jan 2020
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