• The Avicenna Alliance Days 2022 attracted 250 people

    Delegates from regulatory authorities, leading academic organizations and innovative companies converged to the Avicenna Alliance 2022 Days to review progress and plan the journey ahead of us towards in silico medicine.
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  • Early career group leader in Computational and theoretical biology at Francis Crick Institute

    The Crick Institute is currently recruiting specifically for early-career group leaders working in “Computational and theoretical biology”. Building a strong base in this area, which has been weakened by recent GL departures, is important for the Cricks interdisciplinary research agenda. The positions come with a very attractive core-funded research package.
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  • SimCardioTest workshop on verification & validation of in-silico models a european effort: presentations

    The workshop took place on 8 February 2022 and was a success: more than one hundred attendees and many interesting ideas from the speakers.
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  • In Silico Talks by In Silico Trials

    On InSilicoTrials Youtube Channel you can find an interesting series of interviews with the main researchers and protagonists of the in silico community.
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  • Keep contributing to VPHi activities!

    We are proud to share with you all what we have achieved in the year just ended and we want to achieve even greater results in the year just begun.
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  • EDITH: an Ecosystem for Digital Twins in Healthcare in Europe

    VPHI has successfully driven the submission process of the EDITH proposal to respond to the Digital Europe call for a CSA on "An ecosystem for digital twins in healthcare" with deadline 22 of February 2022. Regardless of the outcome of this bid, the discussions between the different communities involved in digital twins for health will be continued to exploit the many synergies and accelerate the adoption of in silico technologies in healthcare.
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