Data integration in blood flow modeling

Cristobal Bertoglio 28 Sept 2020

This webinar of the VPHi Keynote Webinar Series took place on 28 September 2020 at 15 CET featuring Dr Cristóbal Bertoglio from the Bernoulli Institute (University of Groningen) under the moderation of Alessia Pin, member of the VPHi Student Committee.


Mathematical and computational modeling of the cardiovascular system is increasingly giving alternatives to traditional invasive clinical procedures, and allowing for richer diagnostic metrics. In blood flows, the personalization of the models rely on inverse problems using clinical data, in particular medical images for measuring both anatomy and function of the vasculature. In this talk Dr Cristóbal Bertoglio from the Bernoulli Institute (University of Groningen) will review methods on integration of models and data in the context of blood flows. He classifies the strategies depending on the complexity of data they need to be fed with. In general, the richer and more structured the source of data, the simpler or more efficient is the resulting algorithm. This talk aims to provide evidence for an informed choice of models and data depending on the clinical question and resources. 

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Cristóbal graduated from Structural Engineering at the Catholic University in Chile. He carried out his PhD research at INRIA in France until 2012 working on assimilation of medical images into coupled fluid-solid models. After that he led various research projects at TU Munich (on cardiac modeling) and the Center of Mathematical Modeling in Chile (on inverse problems in MRI). In 2017 he was appointed as Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, where he and his team is currently working on inverse cardiovascular modeling and image analysis. In 2019 he was awarded with an ERC Starting Grant to develop methods for personalization of cardiovascular models from super-fast MRI scans.


This webinar belongs to the VPHi keynote webinar series, a quarterly event organized by the VPHi Student Committee that provides a forum for access to senior community members and their expert competence for chiefly young scientists, but also to the VPH community as a whole.

With the series, VPHi wishes to:

  • Offer added value to prospective young scientist VPHi Student members through core content
  • Create visibility of VPH knowledge dissemination for external stakeholders
  • Highlight excellence within the VPHi, additionally providing student members with a label of quality
  • Promote scientific interaction between junior and senior community members and across VPHi disciplines


Cristobal Bertoglio 28 Sept 2020

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