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The Virtual Physiological Human initiative is a worldwide effort to develop next-generation computer technologies to integrate all information available for each patient, and generated computer models capable of predicting how the health of that patient will evolve under certain conditions. A number of VPH research projects have been financed over the years, mainly by the European Commission, but from other funding bodies too. This list includes all the VPH related projects that have contributed to the development of this initiative.

    MOdels and Simulation techniques for discovering diAbetes Influence faCtors

  • MSV
    Multiscale Spatiotemporal Visualisation

    Creating new knowledge in networks of medical research

  • MultiSim
    Modelling complex and partially identified engineeringĀ problems.

  • MXL
    Enhanced patient safety by computational Modelling from clinically available X-rays to minimise the risk of overload and instability for optimised function and joint Longevity

    A Demonstration of 4D Digital Avatar Infrastructure for Access of Complete Patient Information

  • MyHeart
    Fighting Cardio-Vascular diseases by Preventative Lifestyle and Early Diagnosis

  • MySpine
    Patient specific spinal treatment simulation

  • NeoMark
    ICT enabled prediction of cancer reoccurrence (NeoMARK)

    Integration and sharing of informationand knowledge in neurology and neurosciences

  • NMS-Physiome
    VPHOP-SIMBIOS cooperation: Tools to develop the NeuroMusculoSkeletal Physiome

    Platform for wide scale integration and visual representation of medical intelligence

    Virtual, Physiological and Computational Neuromuscular Models for the Predictive Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

    Optical Fibre Sensors Embedded into technical Textile for Healthcare monitoring

    Old people's e-services at home

  • OraMod
    VPH based predictive model for oral cancer reoccurrence in the clinical practice

  • P-Medicine
    From data sharing and integration via VPH models to personalised medicine

    Model Driven Computation of Treatments for Infertility Related Endocrinological Diseases

    Decision Support and Knowledge driven Collaborative practices in Palliative Care

    PAtient specific simulation and preoperative realistic training for liver surgery (PASSPORT)

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