VPHi is now an affiliated member of IUPS

Links between IUPS and VPHi has been formalized.

The International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) is the global umbrella organization for physiology, which aims to foster and encourage research in the field through a number of initiatives, not least through the organisation of the World Congresses of Physiological Sciences.

IUPS is formed by many societies, organisations and academic institutions within the physiological sciences worldwide and it is currently under the Presidency of Prof Denis Noble, the former VPHi President.

Considering the strong connections that VPHi has with the physiological community, it was recently proposed that the relationship between the two organisations should be formalised. An application to IUPS for Affiliated Society status for VPHi was recently approved with effect from September 2015, and Adriano Henney, Executive Director of the Institute, will act as point of contact between the two organisations. Prof Stig Omholt, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and VPHi Board member, has agreed to represent the VPHi on the key IUPS Physiome and Systems Biology Committee, where the majority of our mutual interests are discussed.

"We are really happy to have had the opportunity to join IUPS as an Affiliated Society. We hope this will mark the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, which will benefit both our communities”, says Adriano Henney.

More information on IUPS can be found here



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