The Avicenna Roadmap has been delivered

You can now download the finalized version of the document!
Avicenna Roadmap

The ultimate aim of the Avicenna action was to create a research and technological development Roadmap outlining a strategy for in silico Clinical Trials. The Roadmap describes the route by which in silico techniques of computer simulation will be introduced into clinical trials, the studies that are routinely conducted to establish the safety and efficacy of new medical interventions.

This action has engaged 525 experts from 35 countries, including 22 of the 28 members of the European Union, in an 18 month consensus process.

On 30 September, the Roadmap was delivered to the European Commission and the Avicenna Support Action was formerly over.

How was the Roadmap developed?

Over the two years of the project a series of 5 events were organised throughout Europe to develop the Avicenna roadmap using a consensus building process called Alignment Optimisation (AO), by SchellingPoint. Experts were invited from the various relevant domains to help us by participating in discussion. This collaborative approach was designed to ensure that by summarising all the discussions and views gathered during the different events, the Roadmap represents a collegial vision, driven by the needs of industry and the wider society to investigate in detail 
the needs, the vision, the gaps, the impact and the research agenda of in silico clinical trials. 

The Avicenna project acted as a facilitator for the challenging process of drafting the roadmap for the introduction of in silico clinical trials. Around a shared vision, Avicenna has developed and promoted this roadmap, and worked to overcome the legal, financial, organisational and technical barriers that could slow the adoption of computer simulation in this domain. Avicenna provided a chance for experts to broaden their horizons, and develop a common vision driven by the real needs of the industry - and of society at large - strong enough to impose a research funding allocation that is truly innovative, and that will give rise to a significantly positive socio-economic impact. 

The Roadmap document provides an overview of how biomedical products are developed today, where In Silico Clinical Trials technologies are already used, and where else they could be used.


More information can be found on the Avicenna website


Avicenna Roadmap

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