VPH Success stories: on line questionnaire

The VPH Institute has created an on-line questionnaire to collect examples of successful VPH projects. The best ones will be used as flagship of the VPH research in the future communication activities towards European policy makers to ensure the VPH potentials are largely disseminated and supported.

Since VPH was funded back in 2007, a lot of work has been done, many projects have been funded and brought outstanding results, a lot of people got involved in the VPH initiative, turning into a real community, a community that is starting to have a certain influence. 

On 14 January 2014 in Strasbourg, Members of the European Parliament specifically endorsed the work of the VPH Institute by recognising the role of the VPH initiative towards improving healthcare and VPH was defined as a "great value e-health solution".


It is great to have achieved these results, but, we now need to make the most of it. We are contacting all VPH researcher to collect their inputs on the successful research results they achieved. The best stories will be used to produce communication material on VPH, such as a video, an article to publish on very hi-end science journals to ensure the VPH potentials are largely disseminated and supported.

The questionnaire is brief and easy to compile it. The target are all projects where a computer simulation of the biology/physiology of a given patient, based of at least partially mechanistic theory, is used to produce predictions that inform prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, rehabilitation, or monitoring.

Here it is the link:


Deadline June 30th



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