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In the past year, Peter Hunter, representative of the supporting member University of Auckland, has been strongly involved in acting as ambassador of the VPH at international level, establishing contacts with other no-profit organisations active in the Virtual Physiological Human. Read the full report.

Father of the IUPS Physiome Project and very active in the VPH initiative since the very beginning, Prof. Peter Hunter has invested a great amount of energy this year in the international activities related to the VPH Institute.

He carried out discussions and increased collaboration with many organisations worldwide with the scope of promoting the Virtual Physiologic Human; just to name some:

  • International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS)
  • the American Physiological Society (APS) and The UK Physiological Society (TPS)
  • the Biophysical Journal
  • World Council of Biomechanics
  • International Association of Medical and Biological Engineers (IAMBE)

Furthermore he also gave a very big number of invited speeches at the most important scientific conferences all over the globe!

We wish to thank Prof Hunter for the great commitment he has showed toward to the VPH community!

For more information, read the full report of Peter Hunter's international activities.

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