Board of Directors Meeting, Paris May 24h, 2012

The VPH Institute Directors recently met in Paris to discuss about the future developments of the Institute. The discussion has been very focused and effective and brought the Board to take some important decisions, which will ensure support and guidance to the VPH Community.

During the recent Board meeting were present not only the representatives of the currentsupporting member institutions, but also some of the delegates of the new members who expressed their interest to become supporting member for the upcoming year, such as Adriano Henney, Director of the GermanVirtual Liver Networkand Peter Coveney, representative of University College London - Coordinator of theVPH Network of Excellence

During the meeting some key topics were tackled. In particular the Directors discussed about the future of the VPH Portal, Biomed Town and the VPH Conference series. As a general conclusion it was reinforced the idea that the VPH Institute has the responsibility to ensure long term sustainability to the activities initiated by the VPH NoE, ensuring support and guidance to the VPH community. 

A defined plan on how to organize the VPH institute web presence and the management of the future editions of the VPH conference will be finalized also in collaboration with the running VPH projects such asVPH-ShareandP-Medicine, and it will be presented during the General Assembly in September. 

We will keep you informed on the developments!

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