The Board of Trustees of the VPH Institute has been formally appointed

The Institute recently held the elections of the Board of Trustees

The Institute recently held the elections of the Board of Trustees: Prof. Denis Nobles was unanimously elected President of the Institute, while Prof. Randy Thomas (nominated by University of Sheffield) and Isabelle Wartelle (Academisch Medisch Centrum bij de Universiteit van Amsterdam AMC) will be the new financial auditors.

Five candidates participated to the elections of the Board of Trustees:

Prof. Denis Nobles (nominated by University of Auckland) was the single candidate for the position of President, while for the positions of financial auditor, the Institute received the candidature of: 

  • Karl Stroetmann (nominated by empirica)
  • Catrin Bludszuweit-Philipp (nominated by Advanced Simulation Design –ASD)
  • Isabelle Wartelle (nominated by AMC, University of Amsterdam)
  • Randy Thomas (nominated by University of Sheffield) 

 For more information on the candidates please click on this link

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Prof. Denis Nobles as new President of the Institute: current President of International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS), he is one of the pioneers of Systems Biology and developed the first viable mathematical model of the working heart in 1960. We also take the opportunity to formally congratulate with Prof. Randy Thomas and Isabelle Wartelle for having won the elections.

Composed by the President and two financial auditors, the Board of Trustees has to role to supervise the operations of the Board of Directors, ensuring that they do not get into conflict with the interests of the membership at large and and does not violate the common law, the legal provisions and the provisions in the Articles of Association. The VPH Institute team looks forward to collaborate with the newly elected members towards the common goal of reaching the Institute’s goal.

Welcome on board!

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