Research posts in cardiac mechanics at Kings College London

Two posts fixed Term contracts, one for 1 year and one for 2 years.

Heart failure and coronary heart disease are major clinical conditions affecting an estimated 2.7M people in the UK alone. Both of these conditions result in a fundamental reduction in the ability of heart muscle to effectively pump and deliver blood to the body. While this deficiency in the heart is easily detected using medical imaging, dissecting the causes of reduced heart performance in terms of its implications for muscle health remain an open challenge for the treatment of heart failure and evaluation of patient treatment.

This is for two posts fixed Term contracts, one for 1 year and one for 2 years. Both posts are Full-time – 100% full time equivalent

  • The first post is for the EPSRC funded project Imaging Cardio-Mechanical Health aims to address requirements of assessing muscle characteristics in the heart by directly measuring the health of the heart muscle through the development of cardiac Magnetic Resonance Elastography (cMRE).

  • The second post is for the EPSRC Healthcare Technology Challenge Award on Adaptive, Multiscale, Data-infused Cardiac biomechanics modeling for Diagnostic and Prognostic Assessment. This project aims to provide computational modeling tools for assessing the progression of disease and outcomes of surgery in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients.

Salary Details: £33,518 to £39,992 per annum and Plus £2,923 London Allowance.

Closing date: 15 January 2018.

Further information: Please contact Dr David Nordsletten at and visit King’s College London HireWire Job Board here.

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