Research Software Engineer in High Performance Multi Agent Simulation in Sheffield

An exciting new position is available as a Research Associate/Research Software Engineer as part of the €5M, five year EU funded STriTuVaD project. Closing date: 02 February 2018.

The project is focused on developing computational modelling techniques to provide in silico- augmented clinical trials for Tuberculosis vaccination development. The role will specifically contribute through the on-going development of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated multi-agent simulation software, i.e. FLAME GPU.

FLAME GPU (Flexible Large Scale Agent Modelling Environment for the Graphics Processing Unit) is a high level modelling approach for abstracting the GPU from end users to provide high performance simulation to a wide range of research domains. Within the context of this project it will be used as a simulation backend for systems biology models of the immune system to study Tuberculosis. The biological models will be undertaken by project partners and this role will specifically focus on translation of these models to GPU architectures via FLAME GPU development.

The post-holder will join the growing team (line managed by project C.I. Dr Paul Richmond) in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. The project will be coordinated through Prof. Marco Viceconti (P.I.) within the Insigneo Institute of in silicoMedicine.

The applicant should be passionate about performance oriented computing with experience of developing GPU code with CUDA, and should be familiar with modern C++. The implementation of novel techniques for large scale simulation will provide scope to disseminate via international conferences and journals. Regular travel to EU project partners is anticipated as is collaborative software development and support of computational biology researchers. The post, would therefore be well suited to a candidate with excellent communication and engagement skills capable of working with researchers and software developers from a diverse background.

Salary Details: Grade 7 £30,688 - £38,833 per annum.

Closing date: 02 February 2018.

Further information: Please visit INSIGNEO Job Board for further information.

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