Received two bids for the organisation of VPH2020

The call for bids for the organisation of the VPH2020 conference closed on 15 Feb 2018. Two bids were received from the VPHi members Inria and University of Genova. The board will now have the hard task to select the winning bid at the forthcoming BoD meeting on 16 March.

The Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) international conference is a conference series held biennially on even years, whose objective is to provide a forum for the discussion and the dissemination of the broad field of in silico medicine.

Each conference is independently organised by a local organising institution selected through a public bid by the Board of Directors of the VPH Institute. The call for bid closed on 15 Feb 2018: two interesting proposals were received by the VPHi supporting member Inria (France) and the General member DIBRIS (University of Genoa) in collaboration with Symposia srl.

The first proposal focusses on a variety of applications including the cardiovascular system, while the second one proposed "model validation" as main discussion topic. The proposal representatives will officially present their bid at the upcoming BoD meeting on 16 March 2018, when the board will have to take a final decision and select the winning proposal.

May the best one win!

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