In silico to fight COVID-19

In order to be able to promptly contribute to the current crisis, VPHi is looking for individuals that have expertise useful in combatting the COVID-19 challenge.

Computer modeling and simulation can be used to expedite testing of a wide range of COVID-19 related processes including drug repurposing, epidemiological models (forecasting of disease spread, incidence, prevention measures etc), resource optimisation (e.g. ICU beds) and in silico certification of medical devices related to COVID-19.

If you would like to be included into this COVID-19 related expertise list please fill up this form:

The inventory will be posted on and made available to any organisations (i.e: IMI, EFPIA, EMA) that can use our expertise to fight the current crisis. For instance, EMA is currently already evaluating digital evidence related to COVID-19 treatments.

We thank you in advance for giving your contribute: your help can make the difference!

Date: 26/03/2020 | Tag: | News: 1068 of 1588
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