VPHi attended the HTAi Annual Meeting in Seville

The HTAi Annual Meeting is a key international gathering of a large number of stakeholders: researchers, government agencies, policy makers, industry, academia, health service providers, health economists, and patients. The meeting's goal is to share information and best practices from cutting-edge technologies to system development, with a focus on impact on patient care.

This year the HTAi meeting was dedicated to the main theme on “A Turning Point for HTA? Sustainability, Networks and Innovation” and was organized between June 15-19, 2024, at Seville, Spain. VPHi attended it to observe, learn and connect with the HTA stakeholder group.

The meeting offered the opportunity to showcase the added value of in-silico solutions for healthcare systems and society as a whole. Especially it helped to get insights on the context of conducting Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) that values not only safety, efficacy related to regulatory approval of our solutions, but also the need to consider cost- effectiveness of the in silico solutions, early in the lifecycle.

The meeting presented an opportunity to inform the relevant stakeholders about the techno-socio-economic aspects of in silico technologies.

Finally, the meeting was also an opportunity to reconnect with our key stakeholders in HTA bodies like AQuAS and NICE-UK, healthcare professionals within HTA committees as well as patient organizations like the European Patient Forum.


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Date: 03/07/2024 | Tag: | News: 1596 of 1596
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