How to become an VPH Institute general member?

Joining the VPH Institute is very simple: download the application form, compile it, and send it to the Institute manager following the instructions enclosed. As soon as it will be received, the Board of Directors will review your request and just in few days you could be officially on board!

The VPH Institute membership is open to any organisation that is legally established and whose legal status, articles of association and activities are supportive to the purpose of the VPH institute, and not in conflict with the principles of ethics defined in: 

  • the “Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union” (Nice, 2000); 
  • the “Convention of the Council of Europe on Human Rights and Biomedicine” (Oviedo, 1997); 
  • the “Declaration of Helsinki: Recommendation For Conduct of Clinical Research” (Helsinki, 1964; revised last in Hong Kong, 1989).

General members are expected to pay the annual general membership fee, that is established every year by the Board of Directors. Until September 2012, becoming a member does not involve any particular obligation for your institution:

the Board of Directors agreed to waive membership fees for the first year of activity, so becoming a member will cost you nothing right now.

If you like how things develop, you can confirm your membership in September, when you will be requested to give your financial contribute to the Institute, paying a membership fee of €900. 
Worth a try?

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