e-Health week hosted in Dublin during Irish Presidency

This year the e-Health week ran from 13 to 15 May 2013 and took place in Dublin under the auspicious of the Irish Presidency.

During the event dr. James Reilly, Minister for Health, explained the main goals of the eHealth week, which are to:

  • Create awareness for eHealth possibilities in the health sector, and for the economic potential of technology developments;
  • Support the reforming of health systems within Europe;
  • Develop eHealth cooperation in and between Member States, and also in the context of the EU-US memorandum of understanding.

Moreover, Minister Reilly advocated for enhanced collaboration between the health service and industry, as an impulse for innovation and improved patient care. An efficient collaboration between stakeholders will also help to meet the challenges of rising costs, increased demand for services, chronic disease management and ageing population.

The future Irish strategy in the field of eHealth would build on the 2012 report of the EU taskforce “redefining health in Europe for 2020” as well as the work done by the World Health organization and other agencies. This will be possible thanks to the fact that Ireland hosts many pharmaceutical and medical device companies, as Reilly explicitly reported.

The Irish strategy would emphasize:

  • patient driven healthcare;
  • an increased level of information flow;
  • transparency;
  • customisation;
  • collaboration and patient choice and responsibility taking;
  • modernizing the traditional healthcare systems.

While quite general, the fact that the Irish Presidency has paid particular attention to eHealth during their presidency is positive for VPH, given that they are also responsible for working on Horizon 2020. Their focus also introduces the topic to many Member States that are not familiar with eHealth solutions such as VPH. 

  • More information on the e-Health Week can be found here.



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