Key health MEP highlights benefits of eHealth technologies

New technologies could be a huge advantage for meeting Europe’s current healthcare and financial challenges, writes Françoise Grossetête (EPP, France)

Having drafted the third multiannual health programme 2014-2020, for Mrs Grossetête it seems essential that emphasis should be placed on the role played by new technologies in establishing a better level of health for all. 

"In these times of crisis, we absolutely must improve the efficiency of our healthcare systems: health is an investment for the future and a growth lever. One of the objectives of this programme is to contribute to innovation within healthcare systems, and eHealth is an integral part of this process."

Grossetête's opinion is based on these key focal points:

  • Age-related diseases are a central concern.
  • eHealth could significantly improve the wellbeing of patients affected by such diseases and will help ensuring that people remain active and independent.
  • Professional secrecy as well as data protection are paramount.
  • The European stakeholders should ensure that patients are better informed about innovative practices and take into account the level of acceptance.
  • Fostering interoperability between EU systems will enable us to do real savings.

Ms. Grossetête is very active in health policy and having a MEP of this stature taking an interest in eHealth could bring real positive outcomes for VPH.



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