Commissioner for Digital Agenda speaks on the value of big data

On the occasion of the Webcast Conference on Big Data in Brussels, the Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes drew attention to the enormous amount of data generated in the world by digital sources, as well as the value of all this data can bring.

Mrs. Kroes identifies the main recipients of the positive input of big data:

  • The services of the public sector.
  • New ways for scientists to share, compare and discover.
  • Empowerment of the citizens.

Mrs. Kroes highlights the beginning of a paradigm shift and the difficulties raised by “automatically generated” data, and its impact on industrial processes. She hence proposes three ways to support the upcoming evolution:

  • Regulation, to maximize the value and minimize the cost of data. For that matter, Neelie Kroes expresses high expectations for the revised Directive on data protection.
  • A data protection framework that builds confidence and allows digital innovation. Mrs Kroes advocates for easier cross-border data mechanisms and a single protection Regulation for the whole European Union.
  • The harmonization of data-formats and licensing conditions in Europe. 
  • Continue to fund innovation in the area of data products and services, to support a strong European data industry.

Mrs. Kroes concludes her speech by highlighting the huge economic potential of “big data” and the importance of a competitive market. 

This emphasis on the value of data by Commissioner Kroes provides a significant counter-balance to the calls by Commissioner Redding for potentially restrictive data protection rules.

  • The full transcript of the speech is available here.

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