• Discipulus: What Does the Second Consultation Meeting Need to Achieve?

    The meeting needs to achieve one thing: Consensus – How Can We Make the Digital Patient Happen?
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  • PhD position in musculoskeletal biomechanical modelling now available at Sheffield University

    A PhD on "Individualised Modelling for Pre-Operative Planning of TKR" has been advertised by Sheffield University. Deadline for application: January 1st, 2013
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  • NMSBuilder alpha release available!

    One of the running VPH funded projects, NMS Physiome, recently released a new user-friendly tool package for developing OpenSim musculoskeletal models from patient-specific biomedical data.
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  • Read the October Issue of the EUDAT newsletter

    EUDAT is a European initiative (part of FP7) that aims to deliver a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) with the capacity and capability for meeting future researchers’ needs in a sustainable way. Read the October newsletter to get information on the recent projects developments.
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  • Details of Structure of the Second Consultation Meeting to be Released Soon

    The format and structure of the Second Consultation Meeting is currently being designed and will be released about a month before the meeting event.
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  • Second Consultation Meeting, 26 – 27 November 2012, Barcelona

    The registration for the Second Consultation Meeting event in November 2012 at Barcelona is now open.
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