• Commission launches consultation on technology transfer

    The European Commission has launched a public consultation on a “Draft proposal for a revised block exemption for technology transfer agreements and for revised guidelines”.
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  • Clinical Trials Regulation Report published

    Ms. Glenis Willmott MEP (S&D, UK), rapporteur for Clinical Trials Regulation in the European Parliament’s lead Committee of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI), has published her draft report on this dossier.
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  • EU Council debates open access to scientific information

    On 18 and 19 February 2013, the Council of Ministers dealing with “Competitiveness” in their home countries held a policy debate on the need to develop a broader and more rapid access to scientific publications in order to help researchers and businesses to build on the findings of publicly funded research.
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  • VPH2014 in Norway

    The Norwegian University of Science and Technology won the bid for organizing the next VPH conference.
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  • Digital Patient Roadmap: How To Get Involved

    Currently a public consultation process is going to implement a second draft of the Digital Patient roadmap. This roadmap belongs to all of us, and will affect the way healthcare is delivered to the population of Europe in the years to come. We want as many people to get involved in the roadmap consultation process. To do so, you need to join the DISCIPULUS Forum.
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  • DISCIPULUS: A Complex Fusion of Modelling, Data, Interface, and Funding

    A list of the scientific and technical challenges to overcome in other to realise the Digital Patient.
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