• VPH presented at the SIAM Life Sciences Conference in San Diego

    The VPH ambassador, Prof Peter Hunter, gave a presentation on the "Computational Physiology and the VPH/Physiome Project" at the SIAM Life Sciences Conference recently held in San Diego (Aug 7th/10th, 2012)
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  • ... soon the bunnies will be smiling again!

    The NewStatesman dedicate an article on the Virtual Physiological Human, explaining in layman's terms how computer simulations will not only reduce the need to test drugs on animals (and poor bunnies), but will be able to create realistic simulations of human organs and tissues that will open to door to the most revolutionary applications!
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  • eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020 not yet published

    The eHealth Action Plan due to be published at the end of October 2012 has been delayed. On 06 November 2012 Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes announced that the plan would instead be published “before the end of this year.”
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  • European Parliament workshop on non-animal testing

    On 10 October 2012, members of the VPH Policy Affairs Working Group (PAWG) attended a Workshop in the European Parliament entitled “Advancing Safety Science and Health Research under Horizon 2020 with Innovative, Non-Animal Tools”.
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  • DISCIPULUS: Come and Join Us, and Speak to Us!

    Members of the DISCIPULUS Consortium will be present at the Second Consultation Meeting, providing you with all the information you need and answering your questions.
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  • What Does the Digital Patient Need to be Able to do for the Patient?

    Once the Digital Patient is realised, this tool should not be seen as some sort of convenient virtual diagnostic tool for patient and doctor (or healthcare worker); it has to be seen as much more than that. Putting aside the fact that it will be a sophisticated computer program; the Digital Patient will need to be able to address the greatest medical challenges of the twenty-first century.
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