Get to know more about DynaMORE - Dynamic Modelling of Resilience

DynaMORE is one of the recently funded (April 2018) in silico medicine projects that aims at improving the prevention of, and recovery from, stress-related mental health problems.

By developing a mobile monitoring and intervention App, the DynaMORE project strives to increase individual well-being, reduce healthcare demands, lower indirect economic costs, and contribute to an overall healthier society. Its approach is health- rather than disease-focussed, meaning that its goal is to prevent mental health problems rather than trying to cure them after they have already developed into full blown psychiatric diseases. They pursue this goal by securely collecting physiological, endocrine, microbial, psychological, social and cerebral data from healthy, but vulnerable study participants during a stressful transition phase in their life, questioning them about daily hassles, major life events and individual coping strategies, and using this input to advance the mathematical data integration and in silico modelling of mental health. 

In return, the in silico model itself will deepen our scientific understanding of what comprises stress resilience versus stress susceptibility, which stressors or triggers are most detrimental, and which interventions, resilience mechanisms, and coping strategies are most effective and beneficial. In short, they are about to generate and validate the first in silico model of stress resilience, and will use it as a basis for developing a novel mobile health (mHealth) device that will monitor individual wellbeing and help prevent stress-related mental disorders.

If you're interested to know more about this project you can read their new brochure of visit DynaMORE website

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