New trends in evolutionary biology: biological, philosophical and social science perspectives

When: 07/11/2016 - 09/11/2016
Where: The Royal Society, London - U.K.

Developments in evolutionary biology and adjacent fields have produced calls for revision of the standard theory of evolution, although the issues involved remain hotly contested. This meeting will present these developments and arguments in a form that will encourage cross-disciplinary discussion and, in particular, involve the humanities and social sciences in order to provide further analytical perspectives and explore the social and philosophical implications.

The schedule of talks, biographies and abstracts can be found in the draft programme (PDF). Recorded audio of the talks will be available on this page after the event has taken place.

Attending this event:

This event is intended for researchers in relevant fields and is free to attend, but advance registration is essential. An optional lunch can be purchased at the time of registration and is priced at £20 per day.

Meeting organisers:

  • Professor Denis Noble CBE FMedSci FRS
  • Professor Nancy Cartwright FBA
  • Professor Sir Patrick Bateson FRS
  • Professor John Dupré 
  • Professor Kevin Laland

Additional information can be found on the British Academy website

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