Computational Systems Biology for Complex Human Disease: from static to dynamic representations of disease mechanisms

When: 21/04/2024 - 26/04/2024
Where: Hinxton, England
Interactive training for functional analysis and interpretation of disease data using computational modelling tools

The week-long programme will cover the construction and analysis of both static and dynamic mechanistic networks of disease mechanisms concerning complex human diseases such as cancers, autoimmune, inflammatory diseases and others.

The behaviour of cells is controlled by networks of interacting biomolecules. With biological components represented as “nodes” and the interactions between two components as “edges”, such gene networks can be used to describe the fundamental mechanisms of cellular regulation. These models formalise and integrate large parts of our biological knowledge, and enable novel insights and predictions to be made.

Executable modelling is a powerful tool to capture the dynamic behaviour of networks, revealing the emergent behaviour of the system under different conditions, through performing in silico simulations and perturbations.

More info and full programme available HERE

Application deadline 09 January 2024

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