CHIC Summer School

When: 07/09/2015 - 09/09/2015
Where: Dagstuhl Castle Wadern, Germany

In silico medicine is a fairly young scientific and technological domain based on clinically driven and clinically oriented multiscale biomodeling. In silico medicine facilitates the translation of mathematical and computational biological science to clinical practice through massive exploitation of information technology.

The overarching idea behind in silico medicine is to view disease as a complex and multiscale natural phenomenon amenable to modeling and simulation. In silico (i.e., on the computer) experimentation using each patient’s own multiscale biomedical data is expected to significantly improve the effectiveness of medical treatment in the future. Reliable computer predictions could suggest the optimal treatment scheme(s) and schedule(s) for each separate case. The term multiscale refers to several scales or levels of the manifestation of life such as the molecular, the cellular, the tissue, the organ, and the body system scales, which are addressed concurrently.

Clinically driven complex multiscale cancer models can produce realistic spatio-temporal simulations of concrete clinical interventions such as radio-chemotherapy applied to individual patients. Therefore, the benefit of in silico oncology lies in reliable computer predictions, which could suggest the optimal treatment scheme(s) and schedules for each separate case. Clinical data processing procedures and computer technologies play an important role in this context.

Junior researchers/engineers/IT specialists/clinicians working either in the area of in silico oncology (as viewed from the clinical, the basic science and the technology perspective) within the CHIC partner projects VPH-Share, MyHealthAvatar, Dr Therapat, VPH-Prism, G-Smart and iManageCancer are invited to submit short papers. External participants from the broader cancer research domain yet with an interest in computational oncology are also welcome to attend the CHIC Summer School and present their research.

For application to the CHIC Summer School, please refer to our registration information and registration sheet.

Wishing you all an instructive and inspiring Summer School at Schloss Dagstuhl, CHIC team looks forward to exploring the broad spectrum of in silico oncology together with you.

Prof. Norbert Graf 

Pediatric Oncologist in CHIC and local host of the CHIC Summer School
Department of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Saarland University, Germany 

Research Professor Dr. Georgios Stamatakos
Scientific Coordinator of CHIC
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), National Technical University of Athens, Greece

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