VPH training and job placements on the way

VPH’s 50% Membership of the Avicenna Alliance brings a unique opportunity to develop partnerships with industry. Key to this partnership is bringing value to VPH members.

Career and learning opportunities

Developing training and job placement schemes for students of VPH Academic Members and for researchers in Member organisations has been met with great enthusiasm from both the researcher and industry members.

For Avicenna industry members, this means the possibility of having access to a massive network of skilled researchers to work on key topics to their market and potentially source new long term staff. For researchers in the VPH membership, this is a tremendous opportunity to get first-hand experience working in industry and the chance of a position in Europe’s leading healthcare industries.

The Avicenna Alliance will be working with its industry and VPH members through its Research Working Group in 2016 with the goal of initiating pilot projects in 2017. 

Increasing chance of H2020 Applications

Also on the table is the possibility of creating pre-made consortia to apply for Horizon 2020 calls and other sources of EU funding. The VPH PAWG has been very effective in communicating the need for in silico medicine to form a crucial part of Horizon 2020, and the latest H2020 Work Programmes reflect this success. Now that we have these calls, what to do with them?

Over the course of 2016 and into 2017 the Avicenna Alliance will be looking to partner up likeminded industries with VPH researchers who have a topic in mind for Horizon 2020. Such ready-made consortia are looked upon more favorably by the Commission as they bring with it a degree of stability and the possibility for long term application. 

With placement schemes and H2020 consortia on the way, VPH will be looking to bring the benefits of our EU work all the way into the lab and lecturer halls. 

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