VPH PAWG getting to work in 2016

The Avicenna Alliance, the new Association for Predictive Medicine with 50% VPH board membership and 50% representation from healthcare industries is kick-starting its activities in 2016.

No small amount of negotiation has led to this point. The possibility for major action for in silico medicine would not have been possible without the work of the VPH Policy Affairs Working Group (PAWG), further action without VPH is no less possible given the strong links created with the Commission and policy makers in Brussels over the last 4 years. In terms of public affairs activities, the Avicenna Alliance programme represents a 5-fold increase in scale.

The timing couldn’t be better with constant new articles and publications on how we can bridge the gap between big data and personalized medicine being published, those in the know are keeping a close eye on modelling and simulation. 

The VPH Policy Affairs Working Group (PAWG) will be working in 2016 through the Avicenna Alliance to help develop a policy framework for in silico medicine one that will cover all aspects of this field from pre-clinical all the way to post market.

Working closely with the European Commission, the PAWG will put forward the gaps in research that need to be filled for in silico medicine to be enabled and breaking down regulatory and policy barriers. 

With the Working Groups about to be formed and activities finalized, the VPH PAWG is about to up its game in 2016. 

Contribute to the development of EU policy on in silico medicine: Join the PAWG!

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