Towards Good Simulation Practice – An interview of Luca Emili and Prof. Marco Viceconti

The Avicenna Alliance is driving a Task Force on Good Simulation Practice to ensure that the results of computer modeling and simulation (CM&S) would be universally accepted as is the case for clinical trials. Details on this initiative are explained in the interview.

"... During the 2020 Avicenna Day many experts from all over the world talked about the need for Good Simulation Practice, a term coined by the Avicenna Alliance taking inspiration from the Good Clinical Practice typical of the clinical world to bring similar rules to Modeling & Simulation applied to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries.

Good Simulation Practice is progressively becoming a buzz word in the international scientific community while this concept could still lead to different interpretations; but where do we stand on creating and spreading GSP?"

Read the full interview on the Avicenna Alliance website

Date: 18/01/2021 | Tag: | News: 1159 of 1588
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