How the virtual reality is improving pediatric cardiac care

Repubblica, one of the major Italian newspaper, published an article on the outstanding work done by Claudio Capelli and Silvia Schievano, two VPHi members from UCL who have been working for years to offer the best technological support for child heart surgery to the clinicians of the Great Ormond street hospital for children.

Silvia Schievano and Claudio Capelli are two Italian biomedical engineers and researchers at University College London. For several years they have been working to enhance the technological support available to doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, which specializes in the treatment of children's diseases. They began by introducing 3D printing of organs, which allows surgeons to study in greater detail the intervention to be performed on patients just a few months old. A few years ago, Silvia and Claudio, together with a team of technicians, developed a virtual reality system that allows doctors to navigate inside the organs themselves, especially hearts, analyzing the organ’s structure and simulating the surgical cut. An innovation that has proved crucial in some recent delicate surgeries, such as the separation of a pair of Siamese twins born with their heads together.

Read the full article here (for Italian readers only)

Date: 18/01/2021 | Tag: | News: 1160 of 1596
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