The Roadmap: Everybody is invited

Get involved in the road mapping exercise: your view is important!

We really mean it: everybody is invited to contribute! Experts across Europe are spending time and effort in describing: what are the scientific and technological challenges to achieve the ‘Digital Patient’.  A last version open for comments will be circulated by the last week of April, while the current version can be downloaded from this link.  If you feel that you would like to contribute, please send an e-mail to Veli Stroetmann [], who is coordinating the huge effort of getting the Roadmap together.

Alternatively you can subscribe to the DISCIPULUS forum, where you will be able to step into the discussions which are currently taking place, having the possibility to offer your view and your expertize to this common goal of writing the roadmap.

  • The instructions to register to the forumcan be found here.



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