The promise and challenge of personalized medicine

Adriano Henney, Director of the German Virtual Liver Network and upcoming supporting member of the VPH Institute, recently published an opinion paper on the Croatian Medical Journal about the challenges that personalized medicine needs to address to ensure its implementation in a clinical setting.

The concept of personalized medicine is not new. It is being discussed with increasing interest in the medical, scientific, and general media because of the availability of advanced scientific and computational technologies, and the promise of the potential to improve the targeting and delivery of novel medicines. It is also being seen as one approach that may have a beneficial impact on reducing health care budgets. 

The article “The promise and challenge of personalized medicine: aging populations, complex diseases, and unmet medical need” reports Dr Henney’s view on the current problems in translating the potential of cutting edge research excellence on personalized medical approaches into a sustainable clinical practice, posing some provocative questions and suggesting some things that need to be considered.

For more information, the article is listed onPubMed.

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