The call for paper for the VPH-Share workshop at ECCB14 is now open!

The VPH-Share project ( is organising a one-day workshop on "Sharing Data, Tools and Models for Workflows in Biomedical Research" at the next European Conference on Computational Biology ( The workshop will host invited speakers from VPH-Share and 10 contributing papers from the VPH community. The submission of the papers is now open!
VPH share

Access to available tools and data in the biomedical domain is dramatically important to support the creation of new knowledge capitalizing on already available resources.   The VPH-Share Integrated Project aims to develop an easy to use and secure infostructure to expose and share data and knowledge within the biomedical community, and to jointly develop multiscale models for the composition of new clinical workflows. 

During its first years of activity the consortium has developed the core ICT and technical components of the new infostructure: besides data sharing, the VPH-Share infostructure facilitates the collaboration in the biomedical community, by providing services to share and re-use fundamental modelling components, making them available for the composition of new biomedical workflows. 

As the research community will be the primary beneficiary of the developed service, we believe that it is essential for the potential users to actively participate and contribute so to drive the next VPH-Share developments in a direction, which is useful for the project and to the community at large. The workshop thus aims at both presenting the VPH-Share results and give voice to other presenters with contributions software components for sharing and re-using biological modelling tools.

To this purpose, a one day workshop is being organised as part of the European Conference on Computational Biology conference, which will take place in September 2014.

The workshop is intended to have 10 presentations selected from contributing papers. The contributing papers will be one page abstract and will be subjected to quality standard review by the members of the Scientific Committee. Papers should be written following the provided template and needs to be submitted in pdf format to the workshop organisers by email by the the 24th of May 2014.

Send us your contribution! it will be a great opportunity to present and discuss recent technical achievements in this area!

Areas of interest of the workshop will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Cloud-based biomedicine applications
  • Modelling and simulation of complex biological processes
  • Data intensive biomedical applications
  • Ontologies and biomedical text mining
  • Semantic search and services
  • Integration and analysis of biomedical data
  • Computational Modelling and Data Integration
  • Patient data management platforms
  • Privacy issues for biomedical applications
  • Security challenges in biomedicine

Scientific committee includes:

  • Rod Hose, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Debora Testi, CINECA, Italy
  • Steven Wood, Sheffield Teaching Hospital, UK
  • Marian Bubak, AGH Krakow, Poland
  • Blanca Jordan, ATOS ORIGIN, Spain
  • Pablo Lamata, Kingā€™s College London, UK
  • Juan Arenas, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Peter Coveney, University College London, UK
  • Marco Viceconti, INSIGNEO, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Alejandro Frangi, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Susheel Varma, University of Sheffield, UK

Importante deadlines:

  • Deadline for submission: 24th May 2014
  • Notification for acceptance: 1st June 2014
  • Workshop date: 6th September 2014

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VPH share

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