The Avicenna Alliance publishes a snapshot of the current practices and perceptions of Public & Patient Involvement (PPI)

A survey was recently run by the AA PPI task force to identify the current PPI practices and perceptions and to raise awareness on the topic.

Public and patient involvement (PPI) in research and innovation refers to the active involvement of members of the public, including patients, carers, and other stakeholders, in the research and development (R&D) processes. PPI aims to ensure that R&D processes and outcomes are adequate and relevant to the needs and concerns of the public and patients, and can help accelerate the implementation of positive societal impact from R&D activities.

PPI has become increasingly important in research, especially in clinical R&D activities, with momentum now also increasing in the preclinical domain. Recognising the PPI potential for accelerating positive societal impact for in silico medicine, the Avicenna Alliance (AA) has established the PPI task force (TF) of the policy development working group.

The PPI TF strives to enable and develop PPI best practices in the field of in silico medicine and empower patients and the public to co-create future digital health technologies. To better understand the PPI maturity level among AA members before tailoring PPI activities, the PPI TF decided to conduct an AA-internal survey.

The analysis of the results revealed low PPI awareness, varied perceptions, and limited support from member organizations, despite a collective recognition of its value.

Read the full report here

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Date: 26/06/2023 | Tag: | News: 1478 of 1596
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