In silico medicine as a radical health solution

The Radical Health Festival took place from June 14 to 17 in Helsinki, Finland. The festival brought together all major digital health stakeholders, from policy makers, payers and providers to tech developers, life sciences researchers and patient groups to revolutionise modern healthcare and make it sustainable once again.
Radical Health Festival

The festival delved into the most important digital health polemics, including AI, cyber, innovation, mental health, climate health, active ageing, telehealth, digital maturity, and in silico medicine. This new pan-European event was focused on transforming the digital healthcare landscape, while delivering value, improving clinical and financial outcomes, and creating sustainable health systems.

The European Society of Cardiology was the lead clinical partner of the Radical Health Festival Helsinki, organizing sessions on all topics related to digital health. The session on in silico medicine was chaired by Prof Gerhard Hindricks (Charité Berlin) and Prof. Joost Lummens (UMC Maastricht). The session discussed the basic principles of the digital twin and in silico clinical trials, how in silico trials can facilitate innovation in cardiology and how Digital Twin technology can change clinical cardiology practice. The session speaker line-up consisted of Prof. Blanca Rodriguez (University of Oxford, UK), Prof. Pablo Lamata (King’s College London, UK), Prof. Natalia Trayanova (Johns Hopkins, USA) and VPHi’s executive director Liesbet Geris (University of Liège & KU Leuven, Belgium). Liesbet gave the opening talk discussing the past, present and future of in silico medicine in Europe, from the EuroPhysiome to the Virtual Human Twin including the EDITH activities.


Radical Health Festival

Date: 27/06/2023 | Tag: | News: 1479 of 1588
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