Special issue on Computational Systems Biomedicine: respond to the call for papers

You still have few days left to respond to the call for papers to contribute to the special issue on Computational Systems Biomedicine of "Briefings in Bioinformatics", the international forum for researchers and educators in the life sciences. The deadline expires on Oct 31st, 2014
Briefing in Bioinformatics

Biomedical and clinical researchers and practitioners are increasingly realizing that the human body cannot be subdivided into independent components, and that genes, proteins, cells and organs interact with each other and with the environment in complex ways. This has lead to the emergence of computational systems biomedicine, which aims to shed new light on these interactions by integrating data from different disciplines into biological models with the power of computer science, mathematics or engineering for the holistic understanding of health and disease. The aim of this special issue is to provide readers with a set of reviews that describe the latest concepts, innovations, approaches, and technologies in the area of computational systems biomedicine. Topics include but are not limited to computational approaches to aspects arising from  the following clinical drivers of computational systems biomedicine:

  • Predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine (P4 medicine)
  • Pharmaceutical drug/vaccine development, production, delivery and safety (combined with patient stratification approaches)
  • Discovery of effective diagnostics and biomarkers and their multi-dimensional combination
  • Improvement of methods to predict treatment response and disease progression in a given patient
  • Rational design of combinatorial therapies (e.g. dosing)
  • Reduction of healthcare costs through systems-based prevention, patient stratification, tailored therapies, disease management, and telemedicine (e-health) approaches

Important dates:

  • October 2014: Intent to submit: Submit provisional title, very short abstract, plus list of authors.
  • April 2015: Submit complete manuscript. 
  • November 2015: Publication of special issue. 


The intent to submit should be sent by email to Werner Dubitzky, Biomedical Sciences Research Institute, Ulster University, Coleraine, UK (email:w.dubitzky@ulster.ac.uk) containing a provisional title of the paper, 3-5 sentences describing the topics covered by the article, and the provisional list of authors. Review papers should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words and be submitted using the online submission facility on Manuscript Central (follow link for full instructions for authors).


Briefing in Bioinformatics

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