Report on High Level Group on “maximising the impact of EU research and innovation programmes”

The report provides a foundation for the Commission’s analysis of the links between EU R&D spending and economic performance, and highlights possible future paths for increasing impact and growth.

On 3 February 2017, the European Commission published a report entitled “Issue papers for the High-Level Group on maximising the impact of EU research and innovation programmes”. 

Key points:

  • According to the report, attracting more top global companies and boosting investment in defence are among the main avenues the European Commission could investigate as it lays the ground for a successor to Horizon 2020.
  • This document will be used by the high-level group of 12 experts is chaired by former director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and former EU Commissioner for Trade, Pascal Lamy, and is charged with drawing up a vision by June 2017 for the 2021- 2028 EU research programme.
  • Central to EU plans to generate more innovation from its future research programme is the creation of the European Innovation Council. Its role will be to help scale up more world-class tech companies in Europe, and help innovators to more easily find support from the EU.
  • The changes to the Horizon 2020 programme’s last two years and are meant to attract more top talent. These will include: adopting a fully 'bottom-up' approach so that innovative projects that cut across sectors and technologies become more eligible for support as well as putting more emphasis on financial and technical support for start-ups.


  • The European Commission has set up the High Level Group of experts who will advise on how to maximise the impact of the EU's investment into research and innovation. The Group is established as part of the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020, the EU's current research and innovation funding scheme (2014-20). The experts will formulate a vision for future EU research and innovation and draw up strategic recommendations on maximising the impact of EU's future investment in this area. They will base their work on the available Horizon 2020 interim evaluation results and other factual evidence such as the results of the related public consultation, which will be launched in October 2016.
  • The European Innovation Council is to be set up by a High Level Group (HLG) of Innovators. The HLG brings together leading personalities from across Europe with a wide range of expertise in business innovation, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and other major players in the innovation ecosystem. The HLG has been set up to provide a user perspective on potential reforms to Horizon 2020 to help improve Europe's performance in breakthrough, market-creating innovation. This Group will also provide recommendations for a full European Innovation Council under the next Framework Programme.

The report can be found here

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