The European Commission sets up Task Force to bring together technology and health policy makers

The Task Force is supposed to work across portfolios in order to develop concrete proposals to use the potential of data and technology so as to deliver better health and care conditions in Europe.

In a blog post from 27 February 2017, Roberto Viola (European Commission Director General DG Connect) and Xavier Prats Monné (European Commission, Director General DG Sante), announced on behalf of the European Commission that they plan on setting up a task force that is meant to bring together technology and health policy makers. The Task Force is supposed to come out with concrete solutions to exploit the potential of data and technology and will also examine incentives and obstacles to achieve secure exchange of health data across the EU.

The Task Force is also meant to set out new actions to strengthen pan-EU cooperation networks that can contribute to the acceleration of genetic research and maximise the potential of supercomputing applications to analyse health data, reduce lead-times for the introduction of new treatments or enable more personalised health and care provision.

According to the two Director Generals, the Commission aims at placing people at the heart of digital health and care redesign.

With this in mind, the Task Force wishes to look into how technology can support patient feedback, developing "people-powered" health and care systems that help define service needs and contribute to the improvement of health and care service provision across the EU.

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