PhD and postdoc opportunities - December 2022

A number of research positions in the field of in silico medicine opened in the last month, find a list in this page.

Assessment of the risk of fracture in patients with spine metastases by patient-specific computational models based on Computed Tomography

Dr Enrico Dall'Ara, Prof D Lacroix, Prof Janet Brown - University of Sheffield, Department of Oncology and Metabolism

The hypothesis of this study is that subject-specific Finite Element models based on calibrated Computed Tomography images of the thoracolumbar spine can accurately predict the bone strength and fracture risk in oncology patients with vertebral metastases.

Proposed start date: October 2023
Deadline for application: Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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Master / PhD Project: Deep Learning Meets Numerical Modelling

AI and Biophysics for Computational Cardiology within 3IA Côte d’Azur Interdisciplinary Institute for Artificial Intelligence and DeepNum ANR Collaborative Project

The scientific objective of this project is to combine the advantages of biophysics and machine learning, more specifically deep learning methods, and to develop hybrid models exploiting the complementarity of the two approaches in the context of Cardiac Arrhythmias. This project will be done in collaboration with cardiologists and cardiologists to access clinical databases in order to evaluate the proposed methods on diagnosis, therapy planning and prognosis for cardiac pathologies.

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PhD program at the Center for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Digital Twins for Healthcare (DT4Health) at King’s College London

Professors Pablo Lamata, Steven Niederer, Marina Riabiz, Steffen Zschaler

The program provides a cohort-based education built around individually focused research projects. Individual projects help build deep expertise and create value, while the cohort-based approach enables knowledge exchange across areas and trains students in inter-disciplinary work and communication.

Deadline for application: January, 8th, 2023

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Post Doc/Assistant Professor - MyDigiTwin project

The MyDigiTwin project is a scientific initiative to develop personalized risk prediction algorithms using data from multiple cohorts to create digital twins empowering people and enable democratisation of health knowledge and health data.

The project is a national collaboration among academic institutes and private partners, spanning over 20 partners. The multidisciplinary team involves members from the data science, life science, healthcare, social science / humanities, and the creative field.

There are three positions for this project, spanning from post-doc to assistant professor, depending on skill and experience.

Deadline for application: January, 8th, 2023

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