Open PostDoc position at University of Liège

Starting date 1 October 2022

Did you finish your PhD and are you interested in the cross-over between in silico technologies and tissue engineering? Join our interdisciplinary team of engineers and clinicians working on the optimisation of 3D printed ceramic scaffolds through computer modelling.

You will be focusing on optimisation and personalisation of the 3D scaffold design, taking into account the influence of mechanical loading and the initial implant stability. You will start from the available computer model of neotissue growth and enhance it to simulate the ingrowth of neotissue observed in vivo. Rigorous computational optimisation routines will be used to meet the mechanical and biological objectives. You will work closely with the other project members at U.Liège focusing on the in vitro and in vivo aspects of the project as well as the engineers at the ceramics research center. Optimised scaffold designs will be tested in vitro and in vivo. You will also have the opportunity to help with the supervision of the PhD candidate working on the project (focusing on the microtexture side using in vitro and in silico technologies).

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