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A recent article presents the ten health innovations that could soon be on the NHS and it mentions some in silico medicine technologies developed by our UK members

NHS England’s has predicted a number of technologies that will drive a healthcare revolution over the next five to ten years, further transforming the health service and people's lives. 

Among them, we are very happy to find some in silico medicine solutions developed by our UK members such as the work on modelling coronary artery disease by Professor Julian Gunn at Sheffield University, who has created a computer model of blood flow to decide whether patients with coronary artery disease should or should not be fitted with a stent.

Another technology that is mentioned is the one developed  by UCL on remote controlled surgery, that is described to revolutionise cancer and brain surgery by allowing surgeons to perform surgery with remote controlled “scalpels”.

A third example is that of the heart scans developed by Imperial College London, using machine learning to read and interpret heart scans and tests more accurately than the human eye.

Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/news/health/the-ten-health-innovations-that-could-soon-be-on-the-nhs/

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