First DISCIPULUS consultation meeting a success

The first consultation meeting of the project took place in Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona on the 30th of March. The meeting was convened to try to answer the question: “How can specific clinical scenarios be improved using commercially viable Digital Patient Technologies?”

This question is central to the formation of a coherent and effective roadmap for the Digital Patient initiative. The clinical scenarios represent a vision of how the finished Digital Patient will impact the lives of citizens. The question was tackled by inviting representatives from three important stakeholder groups to discuss and contribute to clinical scenarios. These groups were: Clinicians – from a diverse range of specialisms; Industry partners – from small to large enterprises, and from medical devices to health insurance; and scientific researchers involved with VPH technologies.

The day-long meeting took the form of two introductory sessions, setting the scene for the main event: a brainstorming and discussion session among small groups (up to eight participants). During this session, the participants provided personal experience and views on the Digital Patient initiative. From these discussions emerged several clinical scenarios based on specific (imagined) patient stories, taking into account VPH capabilities, clinical needs and industrial opportunities.

The final session of the day provided an opportunity for participants to propose their own items for discussion in small, ad-hoc discussion groups. The information from these sessions will be analysed and collated into a report, and will help shape the roadmap in order to represent the views of stakeholders, and in order to ultimately provide an inclusive and effective roadmap.

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