European Parliament workshop on eHealth held

On 7 June 2012, a workshop was held in the European Parliament on eHealth.

Keynote speaker at the event and facilitator to the EU’s eHealth taskforce, Ms. Tamsin Rose warned that there was a very limited window of opportunity for legislators to set the framework for eHealth in Europe. Ms. Rose called for the creation of a ‘beacon group’ of Member States and regions committed to eHealth and the creation of a new legal basis for health.

The host of the event, Edith Herczog (S & D, Hungary), stressed the need to find ways to increase efficiency and control the spiraling cost of healthcare in Europe. She states ‘ that “it has become self-evident that eHealth technologies and applications can provide us with the tools necessary to effectively tackle some of the most pressing health issues in Europe and reshape healthcare systems for the 21st century.”

This shows the relevance of the topic in the Parliament agenda and could facilitate the upcoming advocacy work that will be developed by the Policy Affairs Working Group in the coming months.

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