European Commission to set up independent health expert panel

On 5 July 2012, the European Commission adopted a Decision to set up a “multisectoral and independent expert panel to provide advice on effective ways of investing in health”.

The health expert panel will consist of 17 Members who are to respond to an open call for applications and will be appointed for a period of 3 years. This panel will advice the Member States directly in a number of health areas including:

  • Epidemiology,
  • eHealth, health information systems and patient registers

All decisions made by this expert group will be non-binding on Member States, but will already stir the debate on the above-mentioned areas, of relevance for VPH.

The full decision can be found here. See in particular Annex I for a full list of health areas in which the expert panel will act.

Should any member wish to apply, there will be an open call for applications in the coming weeks. The participation in this panel of experts could be considered as an excellent occasion to be part of the decision process of calls for applications in many health-related fields and could be a good opportunity for raising the profile of VPH-related activities.

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