European Commission's Pharmaceutical Strategy is on its way!

The European Commission plans to publish a roadmap for a new Pharmaceutical Strategy in the coming days, which will pave the way for the planned Pharmaceutical Strategy due in the last quarter of 2020.

The European Commission is planning on re-opening a number of files related to the pharmaceutical industry.

Main objectives of the Commission:

  • The roadmap will aim to review items such as the Orphan and Pediatric Regulations, legislation on fees for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as well as pharmaceutical legislation dating back to 2001;
  • The roadmap will seek to address the affordability of medicines for national health systems and patients, especially in smaller markets. They point to market failures, lack of competition, high prices, lack of transparency and pricing mechanism as primary factors for innovative and promising therapies not reaching patient;
  • The Commission aims to enhance EU cooperation on assessing the cost-effectiveness of drugs value, as well as pricing and reimbursement through information sharing;
  • The Commission will aim to ensure that the industry will put more focus on unmet medical needs and will become more environment-friendly by reducing pollution throughout the whole life circle of pharmaceuticals.  

This information confirms the content of the previously published Commission Work Programme for 2020, which included many of the same items and files such as the evaluation of the Orphan Medicinal Product and Paediatric Regulations and that of a Pharmaceutical Strategy.

Full details can be found here

Date: 06/04/2020 | Tag: | News: 1070 of 1547
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