EU Prize for Women Innovators

The EC has launched the seventh edition of the EU Prize for Women Innovators, including in health care, from across the EU. The Prize consists of an award of €100,000 or €50,000. If you think you have what it takes to become the next EU Woman Innovator, don’t miss your chance and apply before Tuesday 21 April 2020.

The Commission created a Prize for Women Innovators in 2011 to encourage women innovators to exploit the commercial and business opportunities and become entrepreneurs.  Even though there are more women than men in Europe, female entrepreneurs represent only a third of self-employed people in the EU, and only 30% of start-up entrepreneurs. This means that female creativity and entrepreneurial potential are a hugely under-exploited source of jobs and economic growth.

The EU prize for women innovators celebrates inspiring female leaders in innovation. The award recognises women’s role in bringing game-changing innovations to market, and honours the outstanding achievements of female entrepreneurs running innovative companies. The award also seeks to raise awareness of the need for more female entrepreneurs, and create strong role models for women and girls.

The contest is open to women across the EU and countries associated to Horizon 2020 who have founded or co-founded an existing and active company before 1 January 2018. More information on eligibility and award criteria is available online.

If you are interested in the “EU Prize for Women Innovators”, please find more information regarding the registration process hereA jury of independent experts will evaluate and select the four winners, who will be announced in the second half of the year.

Full information can be found here

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